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Investing Your Money Wisely

Investment Planning

  • Projecting your Retirement Income Needs
  • Low-Risk Investment Strategies
  • Retirement and Pre-Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Building Programs
  • Tax Effective Investing
  • Tax/Deferral/Tax Shelter Ideas
  • Investing for Safety, Income or Growth
  • Creditor Protected Investing
  • Advantages of Leveraging (Borrowing to Invest)
  • Estate Planning Strategies
  • Creating Tax-Free Income in Retirement

Insurance Planning

  • Needs Analysis for Life, Accident & Sickness, Critical Illness and Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Existing Insurance Policy Analysis and Evaluations
  • Creating a Tax-Free Income using Insured Retirement Programs
  • Estate Planning Needs Analysis: Solving Capital Gains Tax Problems, Business Succession and Family Law Act Problems with Insurance
  • Business Insurance and Employee Benefit Programs
  • Insurance Product Education
  • Triple After-Tax Retirement Income with Insured Annuity Programs