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Our Affiliates

The Companies We Deal With

In order to provide our clients with the variety and choice in their investment and insurance programs we have access to a large array of Investment Fund and Life Insurance companies.

Investment Funds

Everyone who sells mutual funds in Ontario must sell through a “Dealer”. Our dealer is Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc

In my 31 years as an Independent Financial Advisor I have had the opportunity to deal with many Investment and Life Insurance companies and based on my experience, I feel that Manulife is among the very best financial companies in the world. Manulife has one of the highest ratings from independent credit rating agencies.

Having Manulife own and oversee the operations on Manulife Securities gives me and my clients peace of mind in knowing their investments are in safe hands.

Over the years, Manulife Securities has given us access to a large number of high quality investment funds to use to build our client’ portfolios, while consistently providing us and our clients with excellent customer service.

Insurance Products

As an Independent Life Insurance agent and CLU (Chartered  Life Underwriter) I make it my business to have access to the best Life Insurance and Living Benefits products in Canada.

We deal directly with excellent companies like Manulife and Great West Life and have access to all major Life Insurance carriers through Hub Financial, a Managing General Agent or MGA for over 3000 Independent Life Insurance agents and General agents across Canada.

The access to these major providers and utilization of technology, allows us to provide our clients with the latest information on the premiums, features and benefits of the various life insurance and living benefits products that we recommend.

Our clients can be confident that not only have we given them the proper advice regarding their needs and amounts of coverage to purchase but we have also made sure they are buying the best value product available in the market place.